You can choose between two dental plans, both administered by Cigna. You can start participating on the first of the month after your date of hire (or the first of the month if you are hired on the first). For more details, see the Plan Document.

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Dental Health Maintenance Organization

  • You get care through the DHMO network of dentists. Except for emergencies, you must receive care from a network dentist to receive benefits.
  • You have no deductibles, no plan maximums and no claims to file.
  • You pay a set copay for care, according to a patient charge schedule.
  • Orthodontia is covered for children and adults.


Dental Preferred Provider Organization

  • You can see any dentist, but you’ll save money if you use a Cigna network dentist.
  • You pay a $50 deductible per person ($150 family maximum) before the plan pays for basic and major care.
  • After you meet the deductible, you and the plan share costs (coinsurance).
  • Orthodontia is covered only for dependent children under age 26.

Dental Benefits at a Glance

Both plans cover preventive, basic and major care, as well as orthodontia (limited to dependent children under age 26 for the DPPO). Here’s a look at what’s covered and what you pay.

Cigna DHMOCigna DPPO1
Annual Deductible (The amount you must pay before the plan begins paying benefits for non-preventive care – basic and major services.)
Per PersonNone$50
Per FamilyNone$150
You Pay
Preventive Care (routine cleanings and X-rays)1 routine cleaning every 6 months: $02

X-rays: Set copay according to schedule of benefits
Routine cleanings and X-rays every 6 months: $0, no deductible
Basic Care (fillings)Set copay according to patient charge schedule20% after deductible
Major Care (bridges, dentures, oral surgery)Set copay according to patient charge schedule50% after deductible
Orthodontia3Set copay according to patient charge schedule50% with no deductible
Annual Maximum (The most the plan will pay in a calendar year)
Per PersonNone$2,0004
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum (The most the plan will pay for orthodontia per lifetime)
Per PersonNone$2,000

1 Out-of-network benefits are paid according to a “reasonable and customary” schedule. If you use an out-of-network dentist, you could receive an additional bill for the difference between what the plan pays and what the dentist charges.
2 For the DHMO, you may receive an extra cleaning during each 6-month period. For adults, you pay a $50 copay for the extra cleaning. For children, you pay a $40 copay for the extra cleaning.
3 The DHMO covers orthodontia for adults and children. The DPPO covers orthodontia for covered dependent children up to age 26.
4 Preventive care is not included in the annual maximum.

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Additional Dental Benefits

Take advantage of these additional dental benefits.

Dental Oral Health Integration Program® — This enhanced dental coverage (available at no charge) offers extra support if you have a medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, maternity, head and neck cancer radiation, organ transplant or chronic kidney disease. After you enroll in the program, certain treatments will be available for 100% reimbursement (subject to annual benefit maximum in the DPPO Plan). You must enroll to participate. To enroll, contact Cigna at 800-Cigna24 (800-244-6224).

Cigna Healthy Rewards® — Enjoy discounts on health-related products like nutritional meal delivery service, fitness memberships and devices, and yoga products and virtual workouts.* Log in to and navigate to Healthy Rewards Discount Program, or call 800‑870‑3470.

* Healthy Rewards is a discount program. Some Healthy Rewards programs are not available in all states, and programs may be discontinued at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I get a dental ID card?

Yes, you will receive a dental ID card when you enroll for the first time. You can request a replacement card by submitting a request online at or calling 800-Cigna24 (800‑244‑6224).

Do I need a referral to see a specialist?

That depends on which dental plan you choose.

  • DHMO: Your network general doctor will refer you to a specialist in the network.
  • DPPO: No referral is needed to see a specialist. Remember you’ll save money if you use a provider in the Cigna network.

Your 2022 Dental Biweekly Benefit Deductions

Cigna DHMOCigna DPPO
Employee Only$4.99$15.37
Employee Plus Children$10.62$41.48
Employee Plus Spouse$9.67$29.58
Employee Plus Family$13.88$51.39

Learn More

To see if your current dentist is in Cigna’s network or to find a network dentist:

  • Call 800-Cigna24 (800-244-6224) 24/7/365.
  • Visit
    • Select “Find a Doctor, Dentist or Facility.”
    • Look for “How are you covered” and click on “Employer or School.”
    • Enter your location information and click on “Doctor by Type” and then “Dentist.”
    • For the DHMO, select CIGNA DENTAL CARE DHMO > Cigna Dental Care Access.
    • For the DPPO, select DPPO/EPO > Total Cigna DPPO.