Benefit Deductions

Take a look at coverage costs and who pays for coverage.

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Benefits at a Glance

BenefitPaying for Coverage
Medical and Pharmacy — Parkland Employee Health Plan (PEHP)You on a before-tax basis and Parkland
DentalYou on a before-tax basis
VisionYou on a before-tax basis
Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)You on a before-tax basis
Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)You on a before-tax basis (Parkland also contributes with a dependent care subsidy)
Basic Life InsurancePaid by Parkland
Supplemental Life InsuranceYou on an after-tax basis
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)You on an after-tax basis
DisabilityParkland pays for Core Plan; you pay on after-tax basis for Buy-Up, Buy-Down and Combined Plans
Critical Illness Insurance, Group Accident Insurance and Hospital IndemnityYou on an after-tax basis
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Paid by Parkland
Legal InsuranceYou on an after-tax basis
Pet InsuranceYou on an after-tax basis
Retirement Income Plan for Full-Time EmployeesYou and Parkland
Mandatory Contributions for Part-Time EmployeesYou on a before-tax basis
Supplemental Retirement PlanYou and Parkland

Your 2022 Medical Biweekly Benefit Deductions

For full-time employees, deductions are based on annual wages as shown below.

Full-Time Employees Whose Annual Wages ArePart-Time Employees With Benefits
WagesrowlabelUnder $35,000$35,000–$45,000$45,001–$65,000$65,001–$100,000Over $100,000All Hourly Rates
Coverage Category
Employee Only$32.31$46.62$60.00$75.23$78.46$124.71
Employee Plus Children$87.69$122.31$155.08$189.69$222.00$327.22
Employee Plus Spouse$107.54$149.54$192.00$234.92$270.46$398.59
Employee Plus Family$149.54$207.23$264.92$321.69$372.92$567.29

Covering Your Spouse

If your spouse has access to health care coverage through his/her own employer, you will pay a surcharge to cover them under the PEHP. The surcharge will be $46.15 per pay period. Watch your mailbox for a packet containing next steps on the Working Spouse Health Coverage verification process. Failure to complete the verification process by the deadline means Parkland will apply the surcharge. You must repeat this process every year.

Your 2022 Dental Biweekly Benefit Deductions

Cigna DHMOCigna DPPO
Employee Only$4.99$15.37
Employee Plus Children$10.62$41.48
Employee Plus Spouse$9.67$29.58
Employee Plus Family$13.88$51.39

Your 2022 Vision Biweekly Benefit Deductions

Vision Plan
Employee Only$3.51
Employee Plus Children$5.67
Employee Plus Spouse$7.53
Employee Plus Family$10.33

Your 2022 Supplemental Life Insurance Biweekly Benefit Deductions

For You and Your Spouse

Supplemental Life Insurance costs for you and your spouse are based on the amount of coverage you select as well as your age and your spouse’s age.

AgeBiweekly Rate Per $1,000 for YouBiweekly Rate Per $1,000 for Your Spouse
Less than 25$0.013$0.023

Follow these steps to determine costs for your coverage amount:

  1. Amount of insurance desired ÷ $1,000 = Units of coverage
  2. Units of coverage times cost (from chart above) = Biweekly cost

Here’s an example. You are 35 years old and want to elect $100,000 in Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for yourself only.

  1. $100,000 ÷ $1,000 = 100
  2. 100 x $0.023 = $2.30 biweekly deduction (you will pay this amount each pay period)

For Your Children (up to age 26)

You pay one rate that covers all of your eligible children.

Coverage AmountBiweekly Rate Per $1,000

Your 2022 AD&D Insurance Biweekly Benefit Deductions

The chart below provides examples of rates for various coverage amounts. To see all rates, visit PeopleSoft (MyParkland).

Coverage AmountEmployee OnlyEmployee and Family1

¹Employee and Family rates apply to employee, spouse and children from 14 days old up to age 25 (or age 21 if not full-time students attending an accredited institution). Coverage for disabled children can be continued beyond age 25, if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Your 2022 Disability Biweekly Benefit Deductions

Log on to MyParkland to determine your costs for the upgraded plans. You may enroll in one or both of the upgraded plans.

Your 2022 Critical Illness Biweekly Benefit Deductions


For You

For You

For You & Your Spouse
For You & Your Spouse

Your 2022 Accident Insurance Biweekly Benefit Deductions

Employee Only$3.33$6.65
Employee Plus Children$6.79$13.54
Employee Plus Spouse$5.48$10.94
Employee Plus Family$8.94$17.83

Your 2022 Hospital Indemnity Biweekly Benefit Deductions

Employee Only$5.37$10.48
Employee Plus Children$8.68$16.90
Employee Plus Spouse$10.75$21.00
Employee Plus Family$14.06$27.42

Your 2022 Legal Insurance Biweekly Benefit Deductions

You pay $8.42 per pay period for legal coverage.

Your 2022 Pet Insurance Biweekly Benefit Deductions

Sign up during Open Enrollment and take advantage of preferred pricing.

  1. Call Nationwide at 877-738-7874. (To enroll your bird, rabbit, reptile or other exotic pet, you will need to call.)
  2. Go to

Your 2022 Home & Auto Insurance Biweekly Benefit Deductions

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