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2022 Open Enrollment

Dig into the details about your 2022 benefits, including what’s new and how to enroll.

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Parkland Benefits

2021 Parkland Benefits New Hire Presentation

Welcome to Parkland! Get a big picture overview of your benefits package.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)

Benefits of an FSA: Health Care (2:02)

Save on health care expenses like deductibles and prescriptions.

Using Your PayFlex Card (1:17)

Paying for care is quick and easy with the PayFlex debit card.

Benefits of an FSA: Dependent Care (2:03)

Keep more money in your pocket with the Dependent Care FSA.

Life Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance (3:12)

Learn how life insurance can help protect your family financially when they need it most.

Legal Insurance

What Is Legal Insurance (1:55)

Legal insurance can help you during life’s good times (like adding your newborn to your will) and during life’s struggles (when you get a ticket for speeding).


All About ARAG Legal Insurance (3:45)

Find out how legal insurance works and why it may make sense for you.

Pet Insurance

My Pet Protection (1:33)

Pet insurance helps you pay for care for your furry and feathered family members.


PHHS Marketplace (2:07)

Save money on everyday goods and services.

Care Management

Memories in the Making: Is there a family in your future? (2:31)

Find out how enrolling in the Maternity Management Program can help you have a healthy pregnancy.


[English] Parkland Benefits ComPsych EAP Overview (1:59)

Life can be stressful. The EAP is here to help.

[Español] Resumen de beneficios de Parkland ComPsych EAP (2:38)

La vida puede ser estresante. El Programa de Asistencia para Empleados (EAP) está aquí para ayudarte.


Beneficiary: How-To (2:07)

Learn how to name or update your beneficiary on

Rollover: How-To (2:59)

Get the details on how to roll money from another account into Parkland’s Supplemental Retirement Plan.


Automatic Increase: How-To (2:19)

Here’s how to save the easy way.


Roth After-Tax Saving (1:11)

Pre-tax or Roth after-tax — which is right for you?


Market Volatility (1:37)

The stock market will go up and down. Here’s what to remember when the market takes a downturn.

Real Appeal

Parkland Benefits Real Appeal Overview (2:39)

Real Appeal can help you lose weight, feel better and improve your health.

Parkland Benefits Real Appeal Michelle Success Story (1:22)

“Real Appeal has worked better than any other program that I’ve tried.”

Parkland Benefits Real Appeal Colin Success Story (1:21)

“After I lost 116 pounds, my energy levels went through the roof.”

All About the Metro Medical Credit Union (3:45)

As a Parkland employee, you can join this state-chartered credit union and take advantage of these services.