The Parkland disability plans offer income protection and security for you and your family if an extended illness or injury keeps you from working. Parkland provides the Core Plan at no cost to you. You can choose an upgrade to increase your benefit amount and/or decrease your waiting period. You pay the difference in cost between the Core Plan and upgrades.

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Core Plan (paid by Parkland)

Parkland pays the full cost of this plan, which will pay 50% of your biweekly earnings after you are unable to work for 42 consecutive days due to a covered illness or injury.

Buy-Up Plan

Elect the Buy-Up Plan to increase your disability benefit to 60% of your pay.

Buy-Down Plan

Elect the Buy-Down Plan to decrease your waiting period to 14 days.

Combined Plan

Choose both the Buy-Up and Buy-Down Plan (the Combined Plan) to increase your disability benefit and decrease your waiting period.

Disability Benefits at a Glance

Here’s a look at each plan and who pays for coverage. To confirm if you are eligible for benefits under the plans, see the disability plan document in Legal Notices.1

For the disability plans, we define earnings as your base rate of pay, excluding overtime, bonuses or other compensation.

BenefitWaiting PeriodBenefit AmountBenefits Continue For
Core Plan42 days (paid by Parkland)50% of pay (paid by Parkland)Up to 26 weeks
Buy-Up Plan to increase benefit amount42 days (paid by Parkland)+ 10% of pay (paid by you)
= 60% of pay (total benefit)
Up to 26 weeks
Buy-Down Plan to decrease waiting period14 days (paid by you)50% of pay (paid by Parkland)Up to 26 weeks
Combined Plan to decrease waiting period and increase benefit amount14 days (paid by you)+ 10% of pay (paid by you)
= 60% of pay (total benefit)
Up to 26 weeks

1 Disability benefits may be offset by other disability income you receive, such as Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, state or federal disability benefits and/or loss of income payments under mandatory no-fault insurance plans.

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See Your Costs and Enroll

Log in to PeopleSoft (MyParkland) to determine your costs for the upgraded plans and to enroll.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When am I considered disabled?

You’re considered disabled if the following occurs as a result of physical disease, injury, pregnancy or behavioral health disorder:

  • You’re unable to perform the duties of your job, and
  • You suffer a loss of at least 15% to 20% of your pre-disability job earnings.

When can I take a Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) leave?

Eligible employees may be able to take an unpaid Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) of up to 12 weeks, in any 12 months for certain situations, such as the birth of a child or if you have a serious medical condition. If a family member suffers a serious injury or illness while serving on active duty, you may take up to 26 weeks of unpaid leave.

How does my PTO fit in?

All Parkland employees are required to use PTO while off work (except for military leave). If you are receiving disability pay, any PTO you have will offset the remainder of your normal base pay.

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How To Request a Leave of Absence

Parkland partners with Sedgwick to help manage the leave of absence process for you. Here’s how the process works.

  1. Contact your manager as soon as you become aware that you need a leave of absence — ideally, at least 30 days beforehand if possible.
  2. Call Sedgwick at 844-263-3117 or visit timeoff.sedgwick.com to initiate a leave request.
  3. Provide information requested by Sedgwick as soon as possible.