Tuition Reimbursement

After 6 months of service, full-time and part-time-with-benefits employees can receive reimbursement of tuition for a grade of C or higher.

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per calendar year for a doctoral degree (PhD) or master’s degree


per calendar year for a bachelor’s degree


per calendar year for an associate’s degree


Note: You can be reimbursed up to these maximum amounts per calendar year. Reimbursement amounts for part-time-with-benefits employees will be 50% of the above reimbursement maximums.

How Tuition Reimbursement Works

Get approval by the deadline.

Submit a first-time course approval application to the program coordinator (not your immediate supervisor/manager) no later than the course start date of the first quarter, semester or academic term. Applications will not be accepted after the course start date.

Pay for the course.

You pay for the course out of pocket.

Request reimbursement.

  • If your application is approved, you will be reimbursed after you complete the course (assuming you meet the continued eligibility requirements).
  • To receive your reimbursement, submit your grades and an itemized invoice of tuition/fees along with proof of payment within 60 days after course completion.

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